Final project of the year! Need help...

Hey guys hope all is well!

Coming up to the final part of my uni course now and I have one more project that I want to go out with a bang only thing is im struggling with ideas.

I want something that will sit well in my portfolio but i keep thinking of ideas that are to close to the work I have designed before hand.

Anyone seen anything recently that has sparked a question or any advice?
Hi, what sort of project does it need to be or do you have free choice? Does it need to printed, like a book? Or digital art?
Completely free choice, could be digital, book, website, model, photographs.

Its such a good chance to do something awesome but Im struggling to think of something that will sit well in my portfolio.
Obvious - but what are you really interested in? Hobbies? I always think that a book can show off many different design skills.
Well I kind of wanted to use photography in this next project, type is also a large factor in my design work at the moment too...
It's needs to be something that you're passionate about...a final project requires lots of late nights and dedication.

If you choose something that you don't really care about, the results will be evident in the work.

Try and narrow things down to an area that has lots of scope, has lots of reference material, is unique to yourself and will look good in your final show (and won't be too expensive to produce / print / create).
Hi there,

Totally understand it is difficult if you are starting a design from scratch especially without any ideas what to do. I studied architecture, and learning how to generate ideas and find inspirations had been a key in the course.

Some suggestions from me would be looking for inspiration from news (if you are interested in up to date topics) history (something cultural related) or even pop into a book shop and wander around. Once you have a brief idea or direction of something you like or interested, do some background research on it, eg.. some academic writings, books or few quotes from any famous person in this field.. they become your background theory that you can base your idea on.

With all the basic info you have in hand, you may then get creative with presenting what you have in mind. eg if you like photography, try to convey your idea through composition of the frame, either make up the scene, take loads of shots, photoshop photomontage, etc.. DESIGN the way you want it to come out. do experiments. try, review and improve until last minute (try not to, but that often happens). Then see how you get to.

Good luck.

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Cheers for the help guys, I think I may create a simple book for the A-Z of photography, a simple idea that could be transformed with the images, type and composition.

Is this idea a bit to bland or if I really run with it I believe I can do something special
An A-Z book is a good idea...but I would use photography (and type) and choose something where you could demonstrate your brilliant photography and design. An A-Z of printing, or animals, or food...or something. I think you might struggle with 'photography' as a subject.

What else are you passionate about/interested in?
Sorry I wrote the idea wrong, I wanted to do an A-Z using photography, do you think I should narrow it down to a specific subject?

Im just trying to work out a subject that would be interesting to look at but also easily avaliable to get an A-Z of maybe flowers or even cars...
Yea ive been thinking today what I can do and have come up with maybe doing a book on emotion, away from the whole A-Z bit I know but thought it could be a nice piece to put together.