Final Major Project

Ben Russell

New Member
Hi, I've just been given my final major project assignment for my design foundation degree course. Sounds simple But they've asked us to write our own brief and Im really stuck on what to do. its a 14 week brief therefore they are expecting a lot of work. any ideas?? anything at all would be gratefully recieved!
For my foundation course, I briefed myself to design and come up with my own personal branding. Everything from a logo, to a business card, to a portfolio website. It was great, and a project such as branding could easily stretch to 14 weeks and beyond.
When I was at uni, we were always encouraged to write a brief for something worthwhile. IE. find a problem and aim to fix it - something heath and safety based for example, not just simply design a logo for a coffee shop amongst other things. I wrote my brief around the problem of air miles, and eating out of season fruit and veg that's shipped in from abroad, and ended up creating an ad campaign, for it as well as a seasonal eating guide, calenders, posters, packaging for seeds and all sorts. That subject has probably been done a lot now, but you get my gist.