Final Major Project, i need help!!


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So, for the last 2 weeks or so we have been told to think of what we want to do for our final major project. After being shown what people have done in previous years i feel i have to do something big.

All year i have been making logos, packaging websites etc etc basic business stuff. so making a company/advertising campaign seems too easy.

Some examples of ones before me are..

"a bed in a box" which is what it says xD

"fold away picnic set" basically a picnic set that could fold out and in.

basically alot of people made thier own product. I am fine with doing a company advertising campaign or company launch but it needs to be something a bit more.... un-original. My initial thought was a urban style company, making urban equipment like skates, skateboards mountboards etc maybe even some clothes and shoes. Ofcourse when you think of this you think of a grunge kind of style. But it just seems to.... easy.

I like that idea so if anyone can expand on that, give me ideas on what else to add to it or make? (i would make and spray a mountain board, spray old skates etc) Btw we have to display this also on boards, so 3d objects are good but thats just things like ... tshirts etc.

As i said i like the urban idea but if anyonoe has ANY ideas to do with graphic design i would be happy. My favourate parts of graphic design are typography, product design and packaging design.

Thank you to any replies, this will save me weeks of panic. maybe even get me top marks!
I've always wondered about doing something cool with QR Codes or Augmented Reality. Perhaps you could incorporate some QR codes into designs, packages, t-shirts etc. (not as the design itself you understand). Then tie them together with Social Media. Perhaps turning your brand into a journey for customers.

Example; the QR codes give co-ordinates to a local skate park or mountain boarding venue and free entry or maybe to a gig or something.

Augmented reality could also be used to merge tech and great design with QR code info as 'the key'. Just an idea to put out there :icon_biggrin: Good luck with your finals whatever you decide to do.
I really like that idea, its more out there then normal ones, yet not so out there im going to go insane doing it.. mmmmm maybe if i put it on the price tag or within the products packaging meaning if they dont like the style of it they didnt have to keep it. but more of a coupon in a way :p
mmmmm maybe if i put it on the price tag or within the products packaging meaning if they dont like the style of it they didnt have to keep it. but more of a coupon in a way :p

Yeah, that's what I was thinking anyway. I do firmly believe that the two big things in my industry for 2011 are the merging of the real and virtual worlds and web TV. QR codes and Augmented reality will drive the former... Me learning to optimise for a 40" screen will do for the second :icon_wink:
:icon_smile: i love it! Also if i were to do a grunge urban sports tshirt/backpack design. i can hide the code within the grundy print. they then have to find it scan it to reveal the location and maybe even bring it along just to gain access for free!!! ofcourse tho, thier friends can come.. witha fee if no tshirt. so yeah AMAZING IDEA!!! ilove it :)
Remember me when you are rich and famous :icon_wink: Seriously though, keep in touch. Would love to know how it all turns out.
If this amazing idea becomes an international sensation and everyone wants clothes with QR codes hidden within them for free entry into a concert. I will get in touch :p but just incase that never happens ill post my pieces as they come :) lol