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Ben Maud

Hi Guys,

Wondering if you could provide feedback on this first initial idea. The chap I am designing this for, wanted the initials GSP incorporated into the design, I haven't included his name for privacy reasons.

Just looking for some feedback on this.

Cheers :icon_smile:


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I like the concept, but I am a little unsure how the small text will read when the logo is reduced down.

Possibly try his name under the logo in a bigger font where you have watermarked the design?

The gaps between the letters GSP could do with increasing as you may loose this when reduced down again.
If it helps, this is purely to be used on his website. Do you reckon it would still be too small?

Thanks by the way.
Yes, take the original you have, copy and paste it each time at a reduction of 10%. Line all you logos up so they appear to be disappearing and youll discover what the minimum size that design remains legible at. Don't forget website are now viewed on phones and tablets etc... Reducing drastically the screen size from a desktop computer.
Post the new logos up and we can take it from there.
Oh and one more thing, as I am still quite new to this, how do you guys prevent the issue of the logo being too small when being used on the website. Surely you wont always know what size they intend to have this until it comes to them using it?
How have you shrunk this down, the first image in the series of 3 appears to have a thicker stroke in the GSP? What is the font used in GSP or have you drawn this free hand in illustrator?

You can also see that the smaller text is disappearing the smaller the logo goes.
As mentioned, I also like the concept and the way you've tried to integrate the camera and the letters - it's quite clever and I think that part works. As also mentioned though I don't like the smaller text, but more because I just don't think it fits in.

The font doesn't seem to quite work and it feels out of place; as the P simply stands for photography, I think I'd be interested in seeing how it works if you just leave the GS and then put the small text beneath those two letters, maybe? I don't think the P needs to be there and it doesn't contribute to the camera either.
Clarke, I just reduced the size each time. The GSP was done freehand, so isn't a font.

Dedwardp, thanks for your comment, when you say the font doesn't work, are you referring to the GSP or the smaller text? I will try this without the P and see how this works, but the client did say he wanted GSP incorporated somehow.

Cheers guys
Also, as I'm still just getting into graphic design, can you just elaborate on why the font doesn't work, just so I can see what is or isn't working and why.
GS.jpg Dedwardp, How does this look to you? I still think the word photography should be in there. Im unsure of the font for the smaller text though.
Oh and one more thing, as I am still quite new to this, how do you guys prevent the issue of the logo being too small when being used on the website. Surely you wont always know what size they intend to have this until it comes to them using it?

You just have to design it to work at smaller sizes. Logos should be simple, any small details will be lost when it's scaled down.

I wouldn't separate his forename and surname like you have. Consider placing his name to the right of the logo (this is generally best for web logos) and match their height. And remember, the logo should work without text. Therefore the symbol needs to be simple and unique enough to be identifiable on it's own. I'd work on perfecting the logo mark and consider the typography at a later stage.
Cheers for your comments paul. Ok so are you saying you don't think the logo works as it is at the moment? To me I think that the logo would be identifiable on its own, but I guess that is just my opinion. Yeah I think I will definitely leave the typography till the end. Always the hardest part for me.

Cheers again, all a learning process that I'm keen to get my head round
When it's reduced the detail on the aperture will be lost. As it is though I think the aperture looks a little out of place (I understand you've removed the P which means it isn't entirely central now). Maybe make the shape of it more circular rather than a hexagon.
With this being used only for the web, I don't see the size being too much of an issue, although is there any way of a client knowing the size?? All I can think is when the web designer does the site for him, the designer will just ask 'is that big enough?' and go from there.

I agree the aperture should be rounded, that was going to be my next try. Do you feel the concept works??
With a bit of work I think it can. I spent ages on a photographer's logo last year, so I know how hard it can be to get something to work :)

As for the size, it should really be up to you to specify a minimum size and how much space to leave around the logo. Look into brand guidelines for examples.