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Hello all,

I'm currently in the process of putting together a website for a company that i'm aiming to launch at some point in the new year. I'm taking everything slowly and making sure that i'm giving myself the best chance to succeed when i do finally launch.


Any feedback for my website or suggestions would be much appreciated. Obviously there is a lot of content missing including portfolio, but I know exactly what needs to be added.

Thank you!

Overall, I think that you need to introduce some colour and points of interest to keep visitors on the site. If you're only thinking of using type, then this has to be a lot more interesting than what you've currently done.

A minimal site is quite a difficult thing to pull-off and therefore, every element on the page and its position has to be considered. At the moment, the logo looks slightly blurred and there's a few stray pixels appearing on the letter 'N' of design.

I feel that if your strap line is 'attention to detail', then you really need to check every element on your web pages.

Sorry to pull your efforts apart but to move it up to the next level, there's quite a bit of work still to do.
I like it. The main problem I have is a lack of hierarchy.

You have a column on the left holding your message, trying to compete with the Twitter updates to the right. I'd be tempted to take the text on the left and make the column its in span the width of the website's container, then move your tweets down underneath, make them possibly a third the width of your container, and place your about me text to the right in a div possibly three thirds the width of your main container.

So you'd have logo and menu header, 950 px width div with your selling points/scrolly testimonial thing beneath that, possibly in a slightly bigger font. Then two colums, one with a paragraph about yourself followed by a lead in link to your about page and the other with your twitter updates.

That's just a personal view, there's no right or wrong, but for me, that'd tell my brain exactly what you want me to look at and in what order.
Well I'm balanced here, I think the sites design & layout is good, simple usability and all.

What I'm not convinced on.. and I know you've done it for a reason but have the same word 'Attention' like that in the list form several times doesn't really seem to work, I mean first off you've got this word.. attention, it's a word that is supposed to grab people's attention! having it in a list format, in a gray colour, doesn't grab my attention, it makes want to move away from that entirely.
I think the colours are very dull.

There's also not a great deal of content, which I'm sure you will add too but I feel at the moment the content on there isn't that strong.

Hope i didn't seem too harsh there:) it's a good site from the basics.
Thanks for all your feedback guys!

Obviously there isn't too much to give feedback on, that's because i don't want to build an entire site then look at it a few days later and decide that I don't like it.

I've removed the text at the top. After stepping away for a couple of days I felt the page was too wordy and needed an image of some sorts. I've decided that i'll have an image in it's place that will change from time to time. The image will always convey a simple message that sums up the brand (without the need of words).

I feel that the feedback is generally good and constructive so thank you for your input. The simplicity and the decision to not over complicate the homepage with imagery has made it that little bit more complicated to communicate the message of what I do. But, I do recognise that with the feedback received the homepage is making the message clearer.

Pete - Yes looking at that now the testimonials should be first on the page. I'm going to have a play around with the order later on today.

Small point, I know, but I'm not sure I think much of 'Thank you for all your help over the summer' as a testimonial...