feedback/opinions please!

Hi all.. me again! Im working on a logo design for myself/freelance business... please could u let me know what u think of my current design... i'm not sure about the underneath wording/spacing...:icon_confused:


First impressions are that I think it looks really nice. I actually really like the colour combination too.

I understand what you're saying about the spacing of the text underneath. It feels a little clunky putting the "web" to the right of the g.

I'm also not sure about the Rw. I'm guessing it should really be RW, but that doesn't look as nice. Tricky. Maybe "R.W.designs" but with the capitals being smaller than the current R.

Just little things that are purely my opinion. Overall though it does look great.

aw thanks andy, really appreciate the comment.. ive now decided to call it RW Design, without the 's' -i dont think it is needed... thanks again! :)
Just make sure that when the logo goes small the strapline underneath doesn't get lost as it is in a fairly light colour...
RW I think would work...or even RWDesigns. TLAs are meant to be the 'thing' to go for (or used to be) (IBM, BBC, ITV)
hi all.. here are updated versions of my logo... minor changes were made - 'R' reduced to same size as the 'd' ascender height, 'RW' pushed closer to 'design' and the strapline moved to the left.. i think probably the grey strapline works better.. what do u think?


I really like it so far but my brain really wants / expects to see it as RW design or RW Design, somehow I am trying to read Rwdesign as a whole world. Otherwise a very pleasant looking logo :)
Do you really need the "design for print and web" when you've already used 'design' in your name?

How about "RW Design" with "for print and web" beneath. Or even "Rebecca Whitehurst – design for print & web"?