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Hi there, I'm new to this and hope anyone can help, i am currently converting my work from my blog to a website, however I am undecided on what work to showcase professionally to my online portfolio as some work are old projects. I would very much appreciate anyone taking a look and give any feedback. Thanks very much. :)

Hi there, welcome to the forum.

I like the style of your website, and with a long long blog format, you can really put as much work on it as you like.

The good thing about a regular portfolio is that you can separate it under different sections to make for easier viewing, branding, print, illustration etc..
I like your work, nice and clean :icon_smile:

My degree comes from JMU though I'm not actually studying there.
Hi Lisa,

I thought your work showed real promise and had lots of potential.

Personally I would try and edit the work so that you displayed a variety of skills (brochures, logo's, typography etc). I wouldn't show every piece of work you've done but maybe limit it to 8-10 of your best pieces. I would also make sure that all of the work is displayed professionally and there are no typo's or blurred photography etc.

Good luck!
Thank you everyone who has taken the time to look. I appreciate it so much, im not so good on the web as I am in print. Thanks again for the advice. :D
Your work is just so beautiful! I couldn't help but say so after looking through. The print stuff and cutting out is sooooo lovely :D. I really like how you make use of dit-cut designs and how you have this attention to fine line art. Well done - Would love to see it working all on a proper website.

My advice: I think it has already been said but the photography needs cleaning up digitally if possible. So the spots of dust from the camera lense needs to be erased. If you get the chance to re-photograph then I would think about lightning consistency, angles and focus points.
I would assume you probably have access to a photohraphy suite at the university? If so then I would recommend asking to borrow a macro lense for close up details and if they have a 17-85 mm lense, then one of them too!

Just again, well done :) your work is great!
Lovely work (I gave you a cheeky follow)

Keep it simple, sleek and white.
You'll be on the right track then! :D