Feedback needed on latest design project - Spreading positivity in 2020 and beyond.....


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Hopefully you find the positives in it. A lot of us doing this a long time.

I once spent two weeks on a presentation for a big advertising agency, one of my first gigs. I wad so proud and ready to wow all the pros.

Five minutes in and I was ripped to shreds, my work was literally torn up and thrown in my face.

It was the first and last time I ever let myself be embarrassed like that.

But not as bad as what one of my first jobs when I made a small typo in a book, I was brought out the back and battered!

But I didnt have a forum of pros to draw on at the time.

Believe me, you CAN do it.

Push yourself!

If someone handed in what Paul Ramd did for IBM now they would be punched in the dick or equivalent.

Why? Because it is already done.

Put a heavy sweater and a jock strap on cos you are going to be punched and kicked in the crotch (metaphorically)

Thats the graphic design career.
I'm quite thick skinned I think. Nobody likes to hear when people don't like their designs but that's the reality. Also it can only help with the improvement.

I hope you don't mean you were physically battered as that sounds a little extreme.

Yeah I know any career where your work may one day gain some level of exposure will always be open to scrutiny. It's what I do with the feedback that's important and I will be using it to improve.

Thanks for taking the time out.


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I called this concept 'The good, the bad and ugly' - Another perception piece which was supposed to make the viewer think about THEIR 2021.


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This concept was visualising perpetual gratitude for the NHS. I did make a video where it infinitely zooms one level deeper into the frame but it's too big to upload on the server so I've added a link for the video.

I decided on a video rather than a gif as I tried to retain as much of the original quality as I could so although it conveys the idea that it's perpetual it is infact only 28 seconds long :)

perpetual gratitude video


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I hope you don't mean you were physically battered as that sounds a little extreme
Thats the way it was back then. You only got it wrong once and never again.

Great that you want to come back. Dont feel like you only have to come back for critique of your work.

Stop by any time. Even for off topic chit chat.


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Again, those are really nice images, but are they fulfilling the brief enough? I think you need to spend more time on the idea itself rather than graphics.

The obvious one for me would be to use the virus symbol as a sun and show a really simple scene with an environmental message. It could be done simply as an infographic maybe.