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Good Morning all,

It's been a while since I've posted on here and even longer since I've attempted to 're-design' my company logo. My current logo I have had since 2008. I have been wanting to change it since about 2012 but have never really prioritised the time over client work. I've tried it a few times but never really been happy with the initial designs I had come up with. When I came up with the name for the company back when I started, I liked the name but I knew visually I would struggle to come up with an icon/graphic that I could use with the logo. Anyway!... I have come up with a design I quite like, not 100% on the colour scheme and not 100% on the strapline. I did think of a strapline along the lines of BRAND - WEB - DESIGN, but I see that everywhere!

Would love your feedback.



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Okay I can't seem to edit a post so apologies for the multiple posts.

I've just slightly amended the logo. The sweep of the letter 'd' tucks better in between the 'S' and 't'. Plus moved the 80 down a bit so it sits on the point of the 'o' better.


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The eighty just seems a bit stuck on and floating, and isn't big enough - it needs to be bigger than studio I think.

How about making the o of studio form half of the 8? Then have the swash on the zero instead of the o?
Have increased the size of the '80' and feel this looks a lot better. Will try out the integration of 'o' and '8'.


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