Favicon stress!!


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Finally decided to add a favicon to my site which works fine when viewing locally but when I try and view it online the little bliter isn't there. :icon_cursing:

Can anyone assist?

Many thanks in advance.
Upload the favicon to your root directory and add the following code to your head code...

<linkrel="shortcut icon" href="http://www.domain.co.uk/favicon.ico" />

That should do it, remember to add the code to all pages.

Hope it works :icon_dunno:
What version of IE are you using?

Internet Explorer has supported favicons since version 5.0 but it can be a pain
to make IE5 or IE6 show the favicon.

Try adding the page to your favorites.
If you already have the page in your favorites folder, remove it and add it again.

If its still not showing then delete your temporary internet files.
If the folder with temporary files has reached its maximum, the favicon may not be used.

Hope this helps!