FAT font suggestions


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This is my first post here, I'm not even sure if i'm in the right place... Anyway, I'm designing an advert where you can see the image through the font, the only trouble i'm having is finding a font that is fat enough and clear enough to show enough image to make it look half decent. have a look at what i've done so far.


I know the words aren't aligned and its a slight mess, but its just in the concept stage. Any help and criticism would be greatly appreciated.

ALSO ..........not to be picky but it 'DEFINE' not 'DIFINE' as you have written - sorry!!i do like this though! yeh i agree with sparkcreative - 'black' fonts are normally alot chunkier that 'bold'.
Make it Helevetica. Make it heavy. Arial seems to be ok at this concept, so Helvetica could prove a good fit. Impact is becoming overused and a bit misused, but you can't stop the masses flocking to the gaudy fonts can you?
No - Humanist and Gill are virtually identical - Humanist is a Bitstream font. Frutiger - the NHS font!
Far too many fonts about now anyway! Especially when clients are using something that comes with Publisher or other Microsoft programme and you have to match it! I try to use 'real' fonts. I actually still have a Letraset catalogue that I refer to sometimes! God, I must be old. . .(I can hear the question 'What's Letraset?")
What's Letraset?

I've still got one of those catalogues too. Some excellent 70's strangeness in there - Dynamo Chrome. Mmmmm.