FANTASTIC Competition Coming Soon!! READ HERE

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Seriously, if you are a designer or interested in design then we have a FANTASTIC competition coming soon, you won't want to miss this one, the prize fund is in the many thousands with some great prizes that as a designer you will no doubt want to win.

Don't worry, this is not a design competition and just a simple method of entry is required, all you need for now is to be a member of the sign up now ready to enter.

(NOTE: All entrants must be UK based)


Sounds like fun, so when do you think this is going to happen Boss Hog?


Hoping within the next 2 weeks, it is VERY difficult to get companies to donate prizes, especially in the current climate, just wanted to wait on a response from one other company and then it will be good to go.

Hope I haven't bigged it up too much lol
Oh Damon, you have :)

I reckon we're all expecting a car, property of some kind, maybe a holiday? hehe

But on a more sober note, I'm very intrigued! Even if its just a pen set, prizes are exciting :icon_thumbup:

The prizes are specifically targeted at designers as you would expect and the prize fund is in the region of £2.5k-£3k so not bad for our first comp :icon_wink:

Will keep you posted.