Fancybox for Wordpress - Auto size.


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I need some advice with regards to fancybox on wordpress. I am relatively new to wordpress as i have always preferred to hand code my own sites from scratch which is why i am struggling with this particular issue. I am using fancybox on wordpress and i need to know how to amend the popup for fancybox. It is for my portfolio containing screenshots of websites i have done. However some images are long in length and fancybox is making the images look tiny. I would rather display at the right size and the user scroll down (or scroll down via the fancybox overlay).

With a static page i could do this but i can't find the js usage that would be in the head of the page. Any ideas? I have looked everywhere.

If this can’t be done could you recommend any plugin that do not resize images?
Colorbox is another one to try but I think all lightbox derivatives tend to try and get the image on one page.

If you like to hand code layouts then I'd strongly suggest that Modx is a better bet than Wordpress because you can use entirely your own designs without having to create templates. Although there are less plug-ins developed for Modx the main functionality you'd want from a website is definitely covered.