fancy automatic image slides (flash style, but js)


I've seen something on a couple of websites recently that I really want to implement in to a website of my own.

They're basically a repeating animation of images, (slide1, slide2, slide3, etc.) They also had a small navigation underneath "1 2 3" which you could click on in order to show the relevant slide. I know that they used to be created by flash but are now possible via javascript, they'd automatically repeatedly slide and often linked to relevant content the image portrayed. Hard to explain, but wwe used it years ago on their website (a flash version)

The version I'm after, It's used on both of these websites -

Home (middle right) (slap bang in the middle of the page)

Anybody know what this is actually called or where to get a hold of it?
I've searched around but have no idea what to query it as ... I really wanna know!