Facebook Business Pages


Apparently since FaceBook wants page owners to pay to "promote" their pages, only 10% of subscribers are actually getting the news feed. To see posts, subscribers need to hover over the "like" and then click "show in news feed". Please share this status to get the information out there. Thanks

Found the above on Facebook, thought I would share and get the information out there.
This is something they rolled out across the entire platform though so that users can select what they want to appear in their news feeds. You can also select to not get notifications in your news feed from some friends using the same method. Prevents you from getting rubbish you don't want to read about. If someone is genuinely interested in what your page has to offer then they won't un-subscribe to your feed. Unfortunately some page owners ruined Facebook by posting rubbish every hour of the day that is either un-related or inappropriate leading to the creation of this feature.