External Hard Drive Backup?

We have a 500gb external hard drive which holds all the design agencies important files etc

We would like to backup everything over to another external drive once a week, so that in case one fails we'd have the one we updated previously?

All i want to know is, can anyone recommend a good software package that will do this whole process for me easily?
I use Intego Personal Backup x5 which I use to back up between mac and external and external to...well, another external!

I think it was about £50, but is very user friendly and simple to use.
I'd still back them up to optical disk as well, I've had some heart stopping moments with HDDs of late, better safe than sorry.
Just to suggest a slightly different tactic - I use a Drobo for my external disk and plan to use an online, offsite backup solution to back up my drobo. Maybe CrashPlan, but I need to check if they accept data from external drives.

I'm hoping in doing this, all my data will be as safe as can be. The drobo will guard against disk failure, and the offsite will guard against theft and fire etc.

If the data's really important, look into getting a raid set up. Never put faith in external HDDs I did, twice:icon_cursing:

Also, it's worth keeping a backup off site as well.
I know it sounds silly too, but one thing lots of people do, is delete the stuff they've backed up from their machine. The idea of backup, is so that if your machine goes tits up (so to speak), then you've got an alternative.
If you backup and then delete something, you've got just as much chance of your external HD packing up, as you have your machine.

Don't be afraid, with raid.

We use these things called cds at work.:icon_Wall:
Drobo advantages

I would certainly recommend to back-up your external drive.
However I find the Drobo quite over priced and you can get external hard drives at relatively cheap prices.
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Not sure you understand the Drobo correctly...

It's not a hard disk, it's more like a small backup computer that you put hard drives in. Like dogsbody's suggestion of a RAID setup, a Drobo protects your files by shuffling files around between the 2+ hard disks you insert into it. However, a Drobo takes any technicality out of the equation. RAID (varying levels) takes some knowhow to setup, maintain, and restore if things go wrong. The Drobo takes care of everything for you and will even email you if a disk fails :)

The cheapest Drobo will hold 1-4 disks of any size. With 1 disk, it's just an expensive hard drive enclosure, but with 2-3 disks it will protect your data and let you swap out a failed drive with no loss.

Hope that helps.

Yep, Hard drives go down with little or no warning. It happened to me last week and it wasn't pretty. 400GB of work gone. :icon_cursing:

So from now on it's two hard drives and DVD backups of everything.

On a side note, the Verbatim drive that I bought to replace the Iomega piece of shit that went down also didn't work. Read errors galore. Apparently, Snow Leopard has broken the Mac's ability to talk to external hard drives properly, which probably was the start of the problems with the Iomega drive. Which is nice.

A Drobo is just a box which holds the hard drives.. a Chassis...
It is over priced ....have a raided hdd and save the money...
A good back up program will also notify you if the back-up has failed..