EXCLUSIVE GDF AUTUMN SALE 9 (including free domain & hosting )


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We have a special autumn sale going on exclusively for GDF members , including 1/2 price designing, our normal prices are already competitive and affordable so cut that by half that's even better. For print we have offers like 5000 A5 flyers for£80 & print quality is excellent, so there's no worry about loss of print quality. We also do web designing, right now we are offering free domains and hosting with all our web designing, we even have a special £50 flash website offer which includes the free domain and hosting. Please PM me if interested so I can give you a quote and give you the right link as our website is being updated.
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We thought we'd do something special and exclusive for GDF members, as this is such a good forum and the members deserve something. We would also like to welcome new customers to our services.