Exciting Business opportunity - Website developer required


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Hi all,

I am looking for a talented website developer (preferably with some skills in graphic design as well) to produce and run a new website business I am currently in the process of setting up.

This project is going to be developed in the next few months and I will run the offline side of the business but I have limited skills in website development/running a website, so I need your help. As the business is still in the formative stage I do not want to put too many details in this description but speaking to people in the industry they do not believe the website would be too much of a challenge to build and maintain. Essentially, the website would have basic profiles for registered users and they would be able to 'book' places at events and pay through the website.

Remuneration - I am looking for someone to join me in the business (terms can be negotiated) but what is most important to me is that there is someone working with the website who is committed and will see the benefits from the business once it is successful. Also, I am looking someone who is enthusiastic and would be willing to put in some time to make the business a success. A similar business has launched in the US and is becoming very successful very quickly. There is nothing like it in the UK so this has excellent potential!

If you are interested in this project please send me a message. Also, it would be good to meet in person (London) if it is a project someone is seriously interested in.

Thanks a lot,