Evolve Gamer Crtique


Evolve Gamer is my logo for my portfolio site, I am wondering if I should setup a team and go into this that way or continue doing freelance projects?

One suggestion, align the '.com' to the baseline of evolve gamer,it just looks like it's floating a bit.

Otherwise, really like it a lot!
Very nice logo. So what sort of thing is this logo aimed at? Online gaming or board games etc? Looking very nice though, very impressed.
Buissness Cards

Its a two man team but really just a cover name for me to brand my projects + a portfolio peice

What you guys think of the buissness cards i've designed



( Theres probablly a trillion things wrong with it, but if it was left upto me entirely, I would of gone with all typography and minimal colour )
Unfortuneatly, I am not a print guy and came up against the same problem when I was looking to create business cards lol. However I would personally go for adding a little more design to the background being a designers business card. Alternatively a picture of yourself seems to work well.

My only other comment would be to give the business a little more alignment as it currently looks a little all over the place and nothing flows quite right. Perhaps left align the logo / your name etc and right align the contact details?

Just an idea and only trying to help. Someone in the print area may be able to comment a little better on this?
Great logo, naff business card mate! Sorry!

I would not use the italics, and just stick with the book/regular font. Plus don't just centre everything, if you wanted to be really flashy try getting the first 'E' die cut?