Everyday I am "stumblin"


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Basically - I use the stumbleupon app.

I notice about 75% of the sites I visit have this annoying pop up window, wanting email, social network interaction, or etc.

I flipping hate pop up windows/adverts etc.

Just wondering what others use to "Stumble" the internet.

Feel free to discuss the pros and cons of pop up adverts. But I just block those sites straightaway, instant turn off.

And I think it's a turn off because I clicked through to read an article - but that article is obscured by a fancy dialog box asking to connect with Facebook.

Don't get me started on facebook!
I know exactly what you mean, I absolutely hate it. It's the online equivalent of a pushy salesman jumping out on you as soon as you enter a shop. If people want to sign up for newsletters or follow you on social media, they will!

I haven't used Stumbleupon for a while, mainly due to lack of time.

As for Facebook, yeah, let's not go there.
I signed up to stumbleupon and it was really good a few years ago. I got a lot of things that were just of interest to me, like art, design, cooking etc. It was a good way to surf the net and find something new.

The last thing we need is Facebook pushing a pop-up-advert in front of us when we login - that will surely be the end of it.

On another note- Firefox are going to start trialing adverts in their browser - when you open a new tab. I'm sure that will lead to their decline also.

It's a very sad day when I need a separate email address to sign up to newsletters because of the amount of spam they attract!
I would imagine monetizing Firefox won't go down too well, especially as Firefox is considered a cool browser with a somewhat cult following. Surely there'll be an addon available straight away that will remove them though. I use an AdBlocker now. I know that adverts are there because something is 'free', but it's too much, especially those unskippable YouTube adverts that last far too long.

It's always disappointing when a site or product that started out as something of an underdog and stuck too fingers up to the commercial 'big boys' goes the same way.
I totally agree.

Pitty the ad blockers don't stop pop-up windows!

There has to be a better way of surfing the net advert free...