eurostar logo (personal project)

Futura looks best to me, although it also looks a bit too familiar? Is it used for something else transport related?
I think it's okay as a starting point, however:

1. I think the logo isn't going to work very well when it's reduced in size as the lines are too complicated (the strapline is very difficult to read at the moment).
2. The star doesn't have any link to the current Euro flag - your version looks slightly Art Deco.
3. Your logo doesn't have any suggestion of movement and speed.

I think it would help if you applied the logo to an image of the EuroStar train - you'd then get a much better idea of how far you need to keep developing your logo.
Personally I wanted it to be a representation of the network that it connects to, rather then detailing the speed. Same reason why I ignored putting in the eu flag. I wanted to personify a network.

As for the difficulty in reading lines, thats to do with flikr. It squashed my file.

Though your idea about putting it onto a flag is a good one.
I can see the lines are representative of the network but there's too much detail and too many lines.

(All trains operate on a network system so there's nothing really distinctive in what your logo is showing).

If you reduced the logo to a 150px square (for application on a website), you'll get a better idea of what I mean about simplifying the logo.

I wasn't suggesting that you had to include an EU flag in your design, but personally I would add a reference there that suggests train/travel/Europe.
The logo is very complex and doesn't work on a small scale.
Like sthomas said, there's nothing really distinct about what your logo is showing as all trains connect and run on a network.
Futura works though :) I don't know what I'd do with the logo as such, it's got me thinking now.
Eurostar Logo Comments

I really like the logo, It's very elegant and I love the detail in the structure of the star, but I would go with Gill Sans instead of Futura as it helps to add that sense of personality and class where Futura is a little more uniform.

My only gripe with the design and its quite a major thing in my eyes, is that it does'nt represent eurostar or rail transport, I know it is a personal project but the logo feels like its better suited to a patisserie or organic brand, due the elegant approach you have taken.
True all trains connect to a network, but quite a few I have asked do not know that eurostar is apart of one. (that it is just a england to france single track.) Each point was to represent the countries you can connect to from the eurostar. Showing the greater euro network which connects the member countries as one star.

I wanted to avoid speed, instead create a pure symbol that shows what trains are really about. Connection.

Though I guess I have failed in completely showing it. As I also agree with it being terrible in the small scale.
A a piece of graphic design, I think it's okay.

However, as a project to rebrand the Eurostar, I don't think it works because you've decided to veer so far away from the original logo.

The existing logo might not be the best design in the world, but it's simple, eye-catching, works at a variety of sizes and doesn't need to be translated into multiple languages.

I don't agree with your point of saying that trains are only about connection and not speed. One of the key benefits of the Eurostar is that passengers can travel to Europe quickly.
Logo Route

I was thinking about this logo design again and I agree with the latest reply, that it needs to capture the essence of the old logo in some way.

This means it doesn't necessarily have to be as corporate as the current eurostar logo, for example this is another personal re-brand of a well recognised logo, this time for royal mail. But this design has managed to capture the style and the feel of the current logo, whilst creating a very modern mark and using sophistcated typography to bring the brand upto date.


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I like it myself - it really says 'networks' and the connection with Europe is the star. I don't see why you need to represent speed too - it's a bit literal IMO and it already has movement with all the lines interlocking. I do agree that it needs simplifying though. But what you could do is have different versions for different applications. Fortum & Mason do this with their clock engraving - over a certain size, you could use the really complex one, and then for smaller applications, you could design a simplified version.

Also not sure why it needs to capture the essence of the old logo. I could come up with loads of examples where that's not the case. BT for instance. Sometimes people evolve, sometimes, they go for a complete rebrand.