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I've just finished a Graphic Design Placement for a small company in Wales and they are taking me on permanently. Which of course I am thrilled about.

My question is though is this: What is a fair rate of pay to request for my role?
This is my first design job so I've nothing to work from when calculating a salary and we are about to work out a contract.

More money would be awesome but what is fair for me to ask?

I'm also aware that as this is my first rodeo and I've only got just over two months experience in the role. I'm not in a strong position to negotiate, what I feel is I can't just realistically walk away and in to another design job.

I would be very grateful to hear any thoughts on this? Let me know what you think?

Many thanks,

You know Dan,

You're in a very enviable position to be offered a full time role, so even if it was minimum wage, I'd snap it up! At the end of the day, once you've built up a couple of years experience and bought value to the company, you'll be in a much better position to negotiate a higher salary or move on.

Generally, entry level jobs tend to be anywhere between £11 and £18k, but this is in my neck of the wood (Yorks). It varies hugely on the type of company - i.e. printers, design studio, in-house, etc. My guess is that Wales would be slightly lower...just my guess, and even that depends where in Wales. I completed a work placement where I was paid £6.67 phr, and also attended an interview for a Junior role which was at £14k per annum...

Try and negotiate, but don't overdo it just yet...bear in mind that even for entry level roles now, they're asking for people with at least 1 or 2 years experience! Just take whatever you can get.

You lucky git (in the nicest possible way of course!) :icon_tongue_smilie:
Thanks a lot Pinkdot.

You are of course totally right and I do count myself very lucky to have my dream job or any job for that matter in today's climate where it is so hard to find work.

Thank you also for putting some figures up there it's good to have a rough idea anyway.

I'm optimistic about the future and I think that can be a bit ambitious for better or worse, it means I'm always half looking forward to the next thing. Sometimes that might mean forgetting how lucky I am right now.

Anyway thanks for reminding me and helping me keep my feet on the ground, it made me smile too.