EML Files


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Hi guys,

I got a brief to recreate a page using my design skills, but the page the company has given me is from their website , and is an .eml file which I can't open with Photoshop, and in order to redesign it I need to separate images from text as well. Can anyone give any suggestions what the best thing to do is? I am really struggling, as this is for a job interview and it is really important!

Thankss :icon_smile:
Yes, they send it to me as an .eml file and don't know what to do with it, but I can open it with google chrome, but I need to be able to open it with Photoshop, as that is what I will be using to redesign it, otherwise I will not be able to.
If it's a page from their website then they won't have it in any other format, it will be coded. Of course you can work with that, if you're re-designing it for them you will need to start from scratch anyway - you can copy and paste the text, and right click and save the images. What is the problem?