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Hi Guys,

Hope your everyone is well? Im sorry if frustrates anyone, im still learning and this is a massive learning curve for me.

I'm trying to embed and image into my own business cards, i'll say "embed" as I don't know if it's the right term. I want to have the logo in the centre with the a "texture" I can only describe it as texture, I guess set back in the card, like its stamped into the card. Anywho, I can't figure out how to do it in illustrator, i've been scowering the interweb trying to find out with no such luck. I'd really appreciate some help, I'd be very grateful for someone to point me in the right direction.

Really want my own business cards to be something special and shout wow.
That effect is called debossing and is done when the cards are printed.

You can recreate the effect with an inner glow effect applied to whatever you want to have the appearance of being debossed, but obviously it will only be a flat image when printed :)
Not lame... how would you know

A cheaper alternative to embossing/debossing is thermographing.

Basically ink is added the the surface of paper. Thermographic beads (basically beads that react to heat) are applied to the wet ink and heated, giving a raised effect to give an embossed effect.

Same could be done for debossing, a clear UV ink, with beads added.
I've had quotes from a few printers now and it ranges from £150 - £700, the higher end of the scale seems very very expensive note sure what I should be expecting to pay. Anyone help?
So I decided against that process as some people where quoting silly money and I dont want to waste money whilst i'm starting up.

stat_2.jpg Here is my stationery, its nothing "special" just plan and simple.
I haven't really been following this thread. But I clicked the image link.

The "w" on the card looks like someone giving the "middle finger" on first glance.
I've been looking at the w for a few hours now wondering about it. I did like it intially but now i've seen it on "print" not sure im keen. Ill probably redesign it but once these few have ran out I only got 100 comp slips