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I have been asked to do a job for my client but I am not sure how or if it can be done.

They want me to create their email signature for Outlook and make it linkable to their website and social media.

Now I know its easy to create a signature with hyperlinks in the email client but I am trying to find a way of using Illustrator CS5 to create the design and have things linked.

Can it be done and how?

I have seen some impressive email templates from various businesses and would love to know if its easy to do.

Hi James,

Do you mean rather than having a sig and then links to their site underneath, you want the actual sig to be 'clickable', so that they click it and up pops their website? If so, yes this is very simple to do in the e-mail client. I'm not sure if it can be done in Adobe Illustrator or why you would need to? To do it in the e-mail client you upload the sig and then go though the same process you would to create a hyperlink to their website but click on the uploaded sig first.