Egg Nog


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Hello. I'm looking for some feedback on a project I've done for school. It's the redesign for some egg nog packaging (I'm originally from Canada, and egg nog is a very popular Christmas drink there).
This is the original packaging.

I repackaged it so that it's in cartons which is the most common way to package eggnog. I did this because egg nog can actually look quite off putting and having it in a clear bottle just shows off the gross aspect of the product. I used some hand drawn elements in the packaging (the pattern) because the key word for my project was "handmade".

Here is a final mockup.


I would really appreciate a critique. Feel free to be brutally honest. Thanks.
Interesting concept, appealing - looks like premium Egg Nog :icon_biggrin:

I would soften the flourish pattern, just a little.
And perhaps experiment with adding the raw ingredient image like those pieces of chocolate to the chocolate Egg Nog package.

Other than that, it's portfolio worthy!
It looks great and would certainly look at home on a shelf with other high end products... However, I would have to question if the 'high end' finish meets the 'hand made' brief?