Effect Help! Urgent!


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Hey to anyone whos stumbled upon this!

Ihope you can help me, it would be appreciated so much. Im young and eager to learn more little tricks within graphic design. My type of design i do is quite "Illustrative", heres a link to my deviant art so you can see what i mean After-Taste (Sam) on deviantART

Anyways, theirs a graphic artist out there who is my inspiration named "Solid Soul" - and on a few pieces of his work he does this effect which is a repetition of the outline of the text essentially, for example in this piece https://fbcdn-sphotos-g-a.akamaihd.n...82978586_n.jpg the part saying "jd4d" there is a repetition of the outline of the text glowing fading out more with each repetition. Does anyone know how this is done?

Please help, would be so appreciated.

Depends what software they used.

If Illustrator then using an offset path and then Blending Options would be the way I'd do it.

But they might have different techniques.

With a quick search I found several sites including social media sites where they are active, you could always ask them directly.
Thanks, i don't tend to use illustrator that much (Personal reference i prefer Photoshop). I just got illustrator,how abouts do i go doing it do you think? as ive looked at the offset path tool on Youtube, and nothing along the lines of that effect comes up!
The outline is just an outline of the shape duplicated and moved down. You can do this manually by holding Alt as you click and drag the shape, or press Alt and use the down arrow key to create a copy. The glow is just each subsequent duplicate reduced in opacity until they're no longer visible.