editorial design questions


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I'am 22 years old and i study Graphic Communication in UK.

I would like to ask you a few quick questions about the editorial design and the printing process because i have one project to do. Actually in my project i have to see, ask and learn about my specific career aspiration (editorial design) .

1) What are the most important information to know the editorial designer ?
2) Who are the most important design programs for the magazine design ?
3) What element are important for the magazine design? (layout-typeface)
4) How i can choose the perfect cover for the magazine ?
5) Who are the general rules to print a magazine ? (cmyk-pdf)

I appreciate your help,
Thank you !!
1 - Everything, content, imagery advertising

2 - illustrator and indesign occasionally photoshop

3 - Typography, composition and reader hotspots

4 - good quality photo fully bled and taking up the cover, spice it up with nice type and clever layout - cant go wrong

5 - 300dpi , 3mm bleed , cmyk always and make sure the page number is divisible by 4

There is a lot more than this but those are the short answers