Editable poster design


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Hi all,

I may be about to answer my own question but I am just wondering whether anyone knows of any alternative methods.

I have been asked to design a poster to which my client can easily edit certain details, such as time, date, venue etc, before printing.

My understanding is that it is best to use Acrobat Pro to achieve this, once I have finished the design. Is this correct? If so, will my client be able to easily edit desired details in the free Adobe Reader, or will they need Acrobat Pro to do this?

Is this function easy to achieve in Acrobat Pro?

Can this be achieved without the use of Acrobat Pro, say in, Adobe Illustrator or Adobe Indesign etc?

Use Acrobat Forms to leave blank fields for them to type into.

The form fields can be setup in InDesign but you have to apply the styling for the font in Acrobat Professional.

Once it's fine in Acro Pro you can then choose File>Save as Other and choose Adobe Reader Extended.

This allows the forms to be filled out in Adobe Reader.

There's plenty of tutorials online and the help files are really good.

If you need any further help just ask :)
Rather than create a new thread I thought I would just ask in here, as it is based on the same idea:

Can I use the same process to create a fully editable multiple page book? Is there a quicker way to do a whole book from page 1 to page x?

Might be worth mentioning, some of the pages are laid out in a 2 column format with illustrations.

Many thanks.
Cheers. Does that count even for text already laid out on the page? Or would I have to remove all text and re-enter it all in Aco Pro form field in order for it to be an editable pdf?
Ah I see yes, the problem I have is, I have created the poster in Adobe illustrator and I have a PDF of the book. In both of these cases the text is already there in place. I would not like the layout to change but I would like the text of the interior of the book to be editable, so that any spelling mistakes or changes can easily be amended by client. Regarding the poster, I would like specific text (again already in place) to be editable in PDF, things like time, venue, date, etc.

I can see this working if all of the text was not already in place, like if I just had a template, but I don't understand how to make text that is already there, editable?
Ok I so have managed to make my Flyer design editable but I have come across a couple of issues:

1/ After editing or inputing text, the entered/edited text pushes itself up by about an inch way out of line.

2/ Colours of PDF appears darker once saved as a Render Extended PDF.

Any ideas?