eBook cover design... anyone?


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This is a long shot but I decided to write a 20,000 word "how to..." guide for kindle. I set it as a challenge to myself really to stop me wasting my evenings in front of the tv...

I've just about finished it so I'm starting to think about a cover. I looked into it a bit then thought, maybe I should ask on here. Otherwise I know what'll happen, I'll spen two days pulling my hair out with adobe elements . I googled 3d software for e-books then thought, why not post on here.

I know cost is "how long is a piece of string?" But what kind of cost should I be thinking of to get a simple 3d book cover so I can get my book on kindle?

Thanks for looking

No its probably me..google has thrown up that more covers are "3d" but really it means the cover is designed then made to look like it has been photographed on a real book..
Virtual Cover Creator | The Most Flexible 3D Cover Creator On The Market!

like that I guess

You can do this free too on the Internet...I will try and find the link. I created a book /image for an icon on my cartoonist forum, it's here