E-Commerce for artist?

Lord Daz

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I would like to start my online shop. The goal is to sell my illustrations to a wider audience.

I am looking for an e-commerce that is easy to use, has a professional structure and offers numerous payment methods. If the maintenance costs are not too high, it is of course an advantage.

Which e-commerce would you recommend me? Is there an e-commerce for designers and artists?

I've been researching for a long and Shopify seems to me to be the best solution (so far). What I find a bit stinky are the transaction costs and that the payments can only be made in USD.

What do you think? What are your experiences as a designer with e-commerce?

Best regards and many thanks!


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I'm going to be honest here.

Based on your previous posts and lack of any work being shown (that I can remember) are you sure you're not running before you can walk?

Lord Daz

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Thanks a lot for your replay!

@Wardy: On Etsy there are too much people selling their products. No-one will find me and I'm forced to

@Levi: Thank you for your sincere answer. No, I don't think I'm running to much. Of course, there are a lot of artists better then me but if you think so, you will never do nothing. I think my works have quality and I can identify myself in my illustrations. So, why don't you give that a try?

@Fisicy: thanks for the link. Unfortunately I live in Switzerland and the majority of my client are Swiss. So, it is a really pity that the Swiss Franc (CHF) are not supported. The best would be, if the buyer could change the currencies between € and CHF.

Thanks for your help!


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Well just like on Etsy you are saying there are too much people selling their products and you will be hard to notice, how do you plan to get noticed with your Shopify store? Both will require a lot of work, I am not sure about the audience you have built and if you are using any social media, but if it's your first time selling your good and you have built an audience that's what matters. If you promote your store well your followers will follow you whichever platform you choose, as long as it's going to be trustable. I've seen some artists build their own store, have you thought about that?