Drink Ads


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Hey guys,

I have been looking at Drink ads and the ones that have the splatter or splash effect, seem to be similar in one way or another, but I am wandering why they are done in this style? What inspiration is there in order to create ads like that? They look really good, but where is the inspiration coming from ? Any ideas?






Clients want to see their product at least matching their competition. Naturally it's human nature to imitate others for fear of being different.

They probably started as a way of simply making the static bottle look visually interesting, or was perhaps intended as a metaphor for how refreshing the drink is, "like a splash of water to the face".

If you want to get really theoretical, you could link this to 'hyperreality' with regards to products in advertisements having a heightened sense of realism, such as the way air condenses and runs down chilled coke bottles/cans. It never happens that way in real life, yet we probably all believe it should.