DreamWeaver: How to create a template(?)



Let's say that I want to create a very basic website that has five pages or so. All pages have the same header, footer and navigation. Obviously, it's very inefficient to create these in all pages page by page. Does DreamWeaver have a feature to create a ... template? What I want to do is to create common components like header, footer and navigation just once. Also if and when I modify them, I want all other pages to be updated automatically. Can this be done using DreamWeaver?
Now I am no expert with Dreamweaver, however, once you have created one page and it is working properly is it not just a case of right clicking on the file and selecting copy, rename the copied file as needed and adjust the content to fit and so on.....

With regards to changing links/content, Dreamweaver has a a function to do this:


This will allow you to find selected code and then change it to whatever you want sitewide, eg. you can change the link blahblah.html to blahblah2.html sitewide.

Hope that helps.
Have you read about dreamweaver and templates? You can have the same template for all pages with editable regions on the page, updating the template is done from the central file and updates all ocassions where the template is used.