Dot Design - Winner of - ‘Design of the Week’

Thats a pretty colourful image that plays on my mind even after I've stopped looking at it. Well done on winning
Well played. I'm a fan of anything resembling vines and leaves etc. You seem to have combined a retro colour scheme with a sleak modern background. For some reason I feel obliged to eat it though.
I remember seeing this piece a while ago, and have to say it's one of the first pieces of illustration I saw of this kind, and it was the piece that really struck and inspired me, and made me want to join in and create similar work.

Kudos to you.:icon_thumbup:
Love it. I'm a fan of Gustav Klimt's art so it's not supprising I like it but I really like colours you have used and the sensitivity you have used them with. the whole thing resonates!
It looks more influenced by Miro than Klimt to me. Very good though.

I'm not sure what directly influenced it, probably a variety of things stuck in my head plus abit of day dreaming too, :icon_biggrin:

thanks for the feedback Dave.
Superb. I like orange anyhow, but like was mentioned above, it stays in the mind.

Also, I have to say, I really like the post you made and showed all the handiwork that went into the piece - great stuff!