Don't you just hate it when...?


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Ok chaps and chapesses. Let's rant.

Don't you just hate it when...
You're asked to come up with some designs but told "don't spend too much time on it".
Yeah my boss says it to me all the time and then he forgets and moves onto something else, you don't get an idea in a second it takes a bit of time.
Haha yeah =p my art teacher has asked me to make a flyer and she said exactly the same thing. I just thought 'erm...i probably will spend ages on it but ok' xD
Don't you just hate it when the client says "Here's our website. You can see our look - take whatever you want from it and create our leaflet based on the website"

So you figure out what the business is about and create what you think is a beautiful leaflet that really shows them off .

Then they turn round and say "can you put a big red triangle over the name of our business with this weeks offer and change the background to duck egg blue" - Erm...