Domain Name Exstensions

Afternoon all,

I have been looking into the possibility of starting a design initiative aimed at helping charity, new business and small businesses etc...

However the domain name i want to purchase is not available in or .com!

What should i do scrap the name completely or is there another extension out there that will work sufficiently.

123 reg offers a list of extension,,, net, info co and biz - will either or .co work?

The domain name i want to purchase is available at a price of $9000 for .com, which is just out of my price range right now.

All advice on this matter truly appreciated,
I'm not sure if is reserved for charity/non-profit organisations?

Personally I'd be reluctant to go for something a bit too unconventional. They can be confusing, and you unintentionally drive traffic to a competitors' site because you have a similar domain but they have a .com or extension.Or, an unconventional domain extension could make your site look 'dodgy' if a visitor is unfamiliar with the extension, though I could just be over-thinking this.

You can do some creative stuff with some extensions though. Jessica Hische for example uses a .is extension for her portfolio, and this allows her to have a creative/descriptive permalink structure ( for example, or You could potentially find an obscure extension and do something similar?
Cheers Paul, .org is definitely saved for non-profit .

What about using or simply .co, could these work or create more problems?
Most folk will look for either a or .com address. If someone else already owns these and you buy a .net for example, there will be confusion. People will type in or .com by mistake and you'll lose out.

Like Boss says, if you can't get or .com as well, then I'd look for something else. :thumb: