doing a little re branding

New or old!?

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Screen Shot 2014-09-02 at 01.07.59.png

Hello all! Hope this works. This is litterally the hardest logo I have ever had to design. Myself! So I would really appreciate feedback on which is preferred or tweaks that I could add to it! I've already got a website running with my logo on but im going to do a re brand of that too so I need to start with the logo! Right is my current, left is the new.

Thank you in advance! :icon_notworthy:
Ohh well thanks guys! Maybe I will stick with the current one since it's the solid favourite! Feedback appreciated :icon_smile:

As for what the left one actually is, it's a bit of an edit of an edit etc. Started as a droplet with the RC initials in it and became that haha