Does/Has anyone used Lynda or recommend using it?


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Has anyone used online videos in design? Is it worth checking out? I'm constantly always on the look out for learning new skills with design and I keep coming across However I don't know anyone else who has used this site. Is it informative and does it teach you more than just basic design things?

If Lynda isn't the way to go, then do you have any other recommendations?
It depends what you want to get out of it though. They have tonnes of courses and I know some of the tutors on it and they are very very good.

I think they still do a 7 day free trial.

Why not book a week where you do the trial and see how you get on or if it's what you're looking for.
Might just add:

It's very good for upskilling, and learning new things. But there's no recognisible certificate at the end of it. It may not be favourable to an employer over having an actual degree.

Where the courses are fine for learning and keeping up to date - it's really no substitute for the real thing, like real-life education at a college, and/or training with a company.

I'd class it more towards "stepping stones" and it's a good way to keep up to date on the latest, and learn new techniques, or a different side of your studies.

But it's no substitute.
Yeah I'm aware that there is no official qualification at the end. I've already got some certs in Design. This is just for adding to my skills. :)

I would love to go to Shillington College for their intensive graphic design course as I think the standard of work there is really high and would help me greatly... But alas... £6,950 is money I just don't have. :Cry:
I have used it a few times for Wordpress and other stuff such as PHP and MySQL. Very good through tutorials. Definitely worth a look.
I am using it quite often, especially when upgrading my skills or digging deeper into a software. I simply love the tutorials about inDesign and the talks about typography. I also broadened my understanding on WordPress templates and bespoke coding.

I think it's definitely worth a look, but it depends heavily on what you want of it and how you learn best :)