Does anybody here use InCopy?


Hi guys

Just wondering if anybody on here uses InCopy as an integral part of their workflow?

I am currently working In-House for a company and my manager mentioned she had been speaking to someone else about it who uses it, and it sounded ideal for many of the constant text updates we have to literature etc. We are about to update a massively technical and rather large book that we have (over 800 pages) and we are thinking this might help on this project as many of the amends will be text updates and with so many people working on it, as it is split into sections, (probably about 8 different people) it would be mental for them all to come to me constantly for text updates and amends.

I am just wondering if anybody here uses and and how they find it?

How are files usually shared between users? Are there any working practices best to keep to? Is it really easy to keep track of everything?

Any pointers, help, advice you can give me would be greatly appreciated.