Does anybody here use

Try googling - you may be able to get some links from there who use it.

The artwork in there looks awesome though.
Cheers but I've already tried that before I posted. Ffffound is quite limiting with the number of invitations that it gives to its users so its hard to get an invitation but I was hopeful that that this forum may have some ffffound users as I find it an amazing website to get some insperation from when I have 'designers block'.
As you did not mention google in the OP I figured that's the best place to start looking. I only put up posts if I've exhausted other mediums too, but you just don't know how far people have looked to begin with if they don't say.

I'm working on a blog post atm which might help in some aspects of designers block, some might think it's a bit wierd but it does get you to think outside the box.

pm me with some reasons why you think you have designers block, perhaps I can get in an answer to them
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Have you had designers block before though? What did you do to get out of it?

I started working on my post the other day and can easily put something in to address a question you might have regarding this aspect.

I'm also hoping to get some designers to check it out and comment, it will also help to test out my code light weight blog, I'm sure there may be some more code bits to iron out in the blog heheh.
FFFFound is becoming a little annoying for me. I just logged onto my RSS reader and had over 100 new articles to read, I checked it yesterday. That's insane posting, each picture got 1 second to impress me.