Do you think colours influence web viewers?



Hi all

I'm a newbie to the forum I hope I've posted this in the most appropriate section.

I am new in graphic and web design. I've decided to investigate how colour may influence a viewer visiting a website.

If you could spare me a few moments to answer my questions it would help me out enormously!


1) When visiting a website do you pay any particular attention to the colour scheme? I.e. how well thought out it is and how it fits in with the overall theme of the website and its purpose?

2) Have you found that web designers tend to stick to pastel colours when designing female orientated websites? Or does anything go?

3) What would you consider to be the 'safest' color scheme which will work with practically any website and why?

Thanks very in advance!

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Firstly, welcome to the forum :icon_smile:

To answer your questions...

1) A good colour scheme where colours compliment each other is easy on the eye and looks professional in my opinion. A bad colour scheme where colours do not compliment each other or over the top colours which are far too bright, will detract from the content of the site.

2) I have seen a mix of both to be honest, a lot do go for pinks etc. You really need a woman to answer if these colours make a difference to them, I would have thought yes. Infact isn't this scientifically proven?

3) Can't get any safer than white and blue.

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