Do you still adapt your code for ..


the wonderful IE6!

I know that a very small percentage of internet users still browse with IE6.
But how many of you still cater for it? (I'm guessing not many)

One of the main issues I hate about IE6 is the lack of transparent PNG support!
I have adapted websites before now so they will display correctly on IE6, such a pain (especially when IE6 is not in house and you rely on browser-shot style websites etc)
support ie6

We were supporting it last year as we were doing an application for councils and idiots have still got ie6 on their machines. However this year we're just saying tough, we are not supporting it - full stop. I'm guessing there are parts of the world that have outdated equipment so a really global website would have to support IE6.
Gave up supporting IE6 last year. We went through a phase of asking clients to pay extra for IE6 compatibility and no one seemed to care.
Anyone still using IE6 should be put down and out of their misery, that should be law! :icon_biggrin:

Totally agree although do sympathise with sdesign1's predicament as a lot of councils or public offices are still running IE6. :icon_thumbdown:
I also know somebody working in my local council who is still stuck on IE6 (I often get them to send me screenshots of how a website appears to them, handy but annoying to a perfectionist)

They have said that an upgrade is due in the next few months, about bloody time I said!

My main annoyance was not being able to use transparent PNG's, but I'm phasing out catering for it.

Although sometimes translated in a foreign language, this website has been helpful - IE NetRenderer - Browser Compatibility Check -

Allows you to test from IE5.5 up to IE9