Do you like Lorem Ipsum & Why/ Why not?


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Hi all!
I am currently studying graphic design at NCAD, Ireland and my current book topic is all about placeholder text Lorem Ipsum. It would really help me out if you could let me know your personal thoughts, helpfulness and opinions - anything relevant to our fellow Lipsum, as this is research some answers may be used in my book, however I will respect privacy of others but if you would like to be named publicly thats even better!
Looking forward to seeing your answers!


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There's neither a dislike or like - and I'm from Ireland and familiar with NCAD.

Lorem Ipsum is from the texts of Cicero or something like that - and it's commonly used. There's plenty of other systems, Quark used Jaberwocky, which is from Lewis Carrol (not sure if it's related to it actually I just know the poem and kinda thought this might be a connection...

Anyway, I use it sparingly as a lot of people see it and get freaked out because they don't know what it is and think your spellchecker is broken - and I've seen people insert it in text and send a proof and then the client sends it to the printer and it gets printed. Then the client blames the designer - but the designer wasn't given any content.

I tend not to use it.


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It is what it is, it's not really something one can have a strong opinion of. It serves a purpose and used to be recognisable to most, and I'm not sure how one could use it as a whole book topic.

I once asked my uncle, who new some latin, what it said, and he thought it was gobbledegook anyway.


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Thank you for your response! Our assignment is called "Everything About One Thing", and initially I had three topics and my tutors were highly impressed and fascinated about Lorem Ipsum as a book topic the most - which I thought was odd, I basically research about the origins, creator of Lipsum, visual hierarchy, translation exploration and modern day use of placeholder text. - the more you research the more interesting this placeholder text is :) the book will only be 70 or so pages.


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It's relevance is reducing. Until you have contant you can't really design anything. For example, you could put three paragraphs of lorem on a poster, align images, play with fonts and colours and whatever only to discover the client wants 600 words full with in 10pt courier.
One of my tutors used to call it the 'lazy font', since it's the default font that appears when you create a textbox.

I mean, it's perfectly legible and can work really well in some cases. But I almost tend to never use it purely because I don't want my designs to come across as lazy and unconsidered (pretty sure I've made that word up).

I think font choice is really important. But to be honest, if you actively choose Lorem Ipsum because it's works the best, then why not?