Do you buy adspace?

Do you buy banner ads and text ads, have you had success with them?

Do you buy any of the cheap banner ads being advertised on sites like PeoplePerHour hourlies? Did you have success with them?
What do you define as 'success'? I've had success with getting traffic via Adsense, but converting is reliant on the actual website it's directing to.
How does Adsense work exactly? How much does it cost?

Is it where you have ads on your site or, ads, advertising your site depending on search results in Google?

Maybe it's just me, but I thought most people avoided clicking on ads, seeing them as a kind of 'junk mail', and just concentrated on their actual search results. I'm so used to avoiding online ads, that I am totally oblivious to them.
Sorry, I actually meant AdWords, not Adsense (that's the one where you display ads on your site).

The cost depends on how competitive your keywords are. Basically you set a budget for what you want to pay per click and other marketers have to outbid you to their ads seen more than yours. You set a total budget and each time your ad is clicked, you pay Google until you've hit your budget and the person below you takes over. Stick to specific search results, and you can get highly targeted traffic for a decent cost.
So once you set your budget, do you pay Google literally every time your ad is clicked, or do the pay Google monthly on a set date, for the total amount of clicks you've had that month. i.e. do/can you pay on a monthly basis or do you have to pay every single day/ time you get a click?
I think you pre-pay and the amount is deducted as soon as an ad is clicked. When the money's gone, so is your ad. ;)
Ah I see, makes sense, although Google could totally cheat you out of your budget if they wanted to.

Thanks, I will jump on board the Adwords train as soon as I have some spear time.

There is so much marketing I need to learn, do and be able to afford. Can't imagine all the stuff I don't know.

I just created my first AdWords campaign. Fingers crossed. If it results in even one enquiry this month, it will be worth it.
The secret to Adwords is to stare at your computer constantly when your ad is running. You will learn more about how the whole system works than any amount of reading on the matter.
You need to decide on your daily budget, but don't expect it to be enough. The fact that you are even considering paid advertising means you are operating in a competitive market place. The same Google rules will apply with paid Vs Organic results, i.e. page one or the phone doesn't ring.
This means unless you set your cost-per-click figure high enough to rank on page one you are wasting your money. Rest assured also that your daily budget will be spent. There is no guarantee of results and the most frustrating thing is that if someone is just surfing around for something to do, you are paying for their entertainment. Every virtual window shopper is costing you money and eating up your daily spend.

Be Careful.
My experience of Adwords so far is that it is very good. Obviously the higher your daily budget the better but that is not the only factor, or even the main factor. It is a lot more complicated than that. Adwords is very thorough.

My finding so far after Month 1, is that I had a fairly dramatic increase in new clients contacting me to hire my services. To clear my mind of any coincidences, in Month 2 I paused my ad for 3 weeks, and as a result I had a dramatic reduction of potential new clients getting in contact. Now in Month 3 I have resumed my ad but have not had the same success as I did in Month 1 as of yet. Kind of wish I hadn't paused it now, as it was on a roll lol.
Hi Carl,

I was just wondering what your experienced has been like since your last update using them? Have you had much more success?
Hi Carl,

I was just wondering what your experienced has been like since your last update using them? Have you had much more success?


To be honest I haven't used it since the summer, as I had to use my monthly Adwords budget for other business needs. I did get a review of my account by a Google verified and recommended marketing company who specialises in Adwords and such. They highlighted number improvements and amendments that needed to be made to my campaigns as in it's current state, I was essentially losing money.For a fair fee, they offered to correct, edit amend etc, things in my campaign that was beyond my know how, to enable my business to get the most out of Adwords and make it as efficient as it should be. I haven't been able to pay the few hundred quid (one off fee) for this service, due to funds being needed for arguably more important things, but I would very much like to go ahead once I have the spare funds available, and resume my Adwords campaign.