Do not rush proofing!

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Just had this A6 flyer posted through the door, same mistake both sides, surely this was spotted at the proofing stage, lol :icon_rolleyes:

is that a drop shadow I see as well (in addition to the spelling). Oh dear.

There's a diving/watersports place local to me that sells "snorkles", and that's on an illuminated sign that must be 50 feet tall.

A funny one I remember was the address for Lotus Cars being misspelt as "Norrwich", exactly as the locals say it.
Bad times!

Maybe they spotted it and just thought 'oh well we have had 100,000 printed and no one will notice!'

Big mistake, everyone who sees that will think that they are unprofessional.
Question is, whos to blame!? The client will blame the designer for the typo, who will blame the proof reader for missing it, who will blame the client for approving it.....
Oh crumbs!!! *silent chuckle to myself*

Maybe constuction is some new trade that we all don't know about yet... eer... okay maybe not :icon_tongue_smilie:

Two words... "SPELL CHECKER!"
Spell check would have picked that up but not everything can be spell checked. Apostrophes bug me. . . Some how it's never the client's fault. But I've found that clients don't check things properly. . . or can't spell (or read or see. . . )