Do I have time for both jobs?


I have applied for a part time graphic design role, the hours are:

monday, tuesday 2-6
wednesday, thursday 3-7
friday all day

My situation is, I'm also a self employed web designer. I really can't decide whether I should go for it or not (if they offer it to me). I'd have no problems with working on weekends if I needed more time for my web design work. And I have no problems putting in the extra hours :p

Maybe I could be cheeky and use their office in the morning for web design and "clock in" for the afternoon to do their work.I'm not sure of the legalities with that. And I'm aware that they might take advantage and push more graphic design work my way.

Anyone else been in a similar situation?
I think it all depends how hard you are prepared to work, many moons ago I used to drive forklift trucks in the day and run my online business at the time in the evenings and weekends. It was very hard work but paid off in the end.

Just ensure you only take on jobs that you can comfortably manage, maybe find somebody you trust that you can outsource too when you are too busy...with a small mark-up of course.
If you take the job the contract will probably have a conflict of interests clause written in meaning that you'll have to be very careful about what design work youre doing outside office hours. For the same reason, I would imagine they'll not be too keen on you using their office space for private work.

but... if you do take it and all is ok with doing both jobs ..... You'll be working a total of 24 hours a week for your employer. You can grab 6 hours sleep a night which is 42 hours a week. Maybe 2 hours a day for travel and getting showered & dressed which is 12 hours a week. then about the same for breakfast, lunch, evening meal and time to make coffee. So in total thats about 90 hours taken up by day to day life and a new job leaving you 78 hours a week to do web design, go shopping, get drunk and sober up. So really it comes down to how drunk you get on a friday?!?:icon_biggrin:
Well the job is just graphic design (print) so hopefully it shouldn't conflict too much. And I'm not afraid of some graft! And if it stretches over the weekend that's fine! Thanks both for your input, given me food for thought :D Very calculated there bigdave, sounds doable. The place isn't far away and I'm a quick dresser lol
You could always sleep in your clothes to save vital seconds?!.... (That takes me back to my Uni days)...
Anyone else been in a similar situation?
Too often to bore everyone with the details. Spreading yourself around is inherent to freelancing. So is never turning down a steady revenue source. I'd say go for it, it's always soon enough to leave it later.
Yes, I agree, the steady revenue on a part time basis is appealing, hopefully I get called in for an interview :icon_thumbup:
I work part-time as a design manager while running my own design company and I enjoy it :)

Having a steady income with the freedom and opportunity to work with my own clients offers me personally a great mix. I find the security offered by having a stead income gives me confidence to spend more stress free time on my own projects. Having the freedom to enjoy client commissions with the backing of a guaranteed income makes sense. Having multiple income sources in our current economy is also advisable ;)