do i go flash or html...decisions time!


Hey all,

Having been freelancing for some time now I've decided to push forward with plans to brand and market myself more effectively and so the time has come for a proper site.

I made my portfolio site in about half a day for a project, but I've been so busy working ever since that I haven't had time to create a new one. The time has come to make that a priority now

I was originally going to use my name as my business name, but having weighed up my options I am going to launch under a company name (to be revealed soon!)

I'm in the process of designing my site and was looking to get some advice from the designs on the GD forums.

Should I go flash or html? I can design using both, just wasn't sure what would be best suited. As you can tell web isn't my area!!

Laura :icon_smile:
From an SEO point of view I would say HTML, from a design point of view I think flash looks good, SEO is VERY important so I would predominantely use HTML with maybe some bits and bobs of flash here and there. I would never have a totally flash based website.
I am by far an SEO expert but personally I would do the course first before you start any coding, you can then build in SE friendly code from the start, something I wish I had known about before starting my website :icon_rolleyes:
Loads of big days coming up :icon_biggrin:

Thanks for asking, just over 3 months now, just finalising bits n bobs and paying bills at the mo, getting excited though.
It took me long enough to build what I had! My background is print and literature you see. My coding knowledge is basic...Unless anyone knows of a bolt on I could use?
I'd advise that you use html as you can always encorporate flash elements into your html pages if you need to.
Oh and if anybody does know about a bolt on blog like 'Identity' mentioned then I would also like to know about it.
With regards to a bolt on blog, don't really get what you mean as wordpress does exactly this, install wordpress onto your domain, link to it from your main website, that's it. If you want you can customise it to match like I have or find a skin that is similar.

For example...

My main site is here > Stationery Direct Printing

My blog is here > Printing Blog
Ok thanks boss! Think I might have to start getting to grips with Wordpress when I have a bit of spare time then!