Dissertation ideas ?


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I am about to commence my 3rd year of an Illustration degree. I am required to submit a 5000 word dissertation but haven't a clue what subject to discuss . Any ideas ?
It's a tough one! Make an appointment to see your tutor, meanwhile have a good think about what interests you in relation to your degree - a particular area? Do you have question you would like to explore the answer to? Write a list of these things, no matter how random and take them along with you to your meeting, perhaps visit the library to do a little digging on any of the subjects that crop up in your interest list to see if it sparks any ideas. Good luck! :icon_biggrin:
Thanks for reply
. I am into printmaking, observational illustration, traditional techniques and digital media.
I m considering doing the dissertation on street/ urban art . I am interested that the urban artist is free to express and illustrate opinions and agendas without the censorship that mass media has .
I feel this topic is current and could offer plenty of research areas.
I will definitly see my tutor and discuss my options futher
one aspect of illustration that has all ways facinated me is manga, and how the east/west social veiw on 'comics' varies soooo much. You would never see a middle aged business man sitting on the subway reading a comic/graphic novel in this country!