Dissertation advice - Illustration?


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I'm about to start the third year of my Design degree and have been thinking about topics that I'd like to discuss in my dissertation. Last year for my essay I studied typography within design, however as I'm nearing 'the end' although I love typography another strong interest I'd like to delve further into is illustration, especially childrens illustration.
Though I need some help with bouncing ideas around for this, the key point being as the degree is in Design I must link it to this, does anyone have any thoughts or areas I could look into?

Are you looking for a list of Children's Illustrators? Or themes and ideas they use in their designs etc?

Some of my favourites;
Quentin Blake
Maurice Sendak
Dave McKean - Wolves In The Walls (also, this book has a great mix of type and image working together)
Lauren Child produces some clever stuff using a mix of illustration, 'found' images and typography: have a look at the Charlie and Lola books.
Sorry for the delay, and thanks for all your thoughts, it's helping. I love Quentin Blake, Maurice Sendak, oliver jeffers etc and I like the idea of using 'found' images and typography, the latter made me think of going in the direction of childrens communication within design.
So, still at an early stage but I'm thinking about basing my question around why childrens communication is more effective from a visual aspect/as in less words and more pictures, hopefully as I look into different areas further the question will strengthen up and be more defined within the design aspect
A friend suggested wayfinding and signage for childrens communication and how this is presented. Can anyone recommend any good sites or books that have looked at any of these areas that might help give me some direction? Thanks
Possibility I'm missing something significant here and I'm sure you'd aim to go deeper but isn't a large part of the answer to the proposed question simply that children don't read and/or engage as well as adults? In short, words - especially in large quantities - are a barrier to communication for the less literate (hence important signage generally employs images rather than words).
Hi Dave L, sorry I realise reading my post back perhaps it didn't make any sense, I'm just trying to bounce ideas around to spark something and send me in the right direction, I'll keep researching for now. Thanks all :icon_smile: