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okie dokie,

been doing a rebrand for a rather big company and im about 50% done so far, client is very happy with the mascot (my wooden manikin :D ) but the font choice he is unsure with atm, ive drafted up 17 more ideas for him what you lot think?

any ideas also were i can go with this with the font if he doesnt like these choices again haha.

(note, im looking through 47k of fonts lol, i cleaned my fonts folder out)

Honestly, there's way too much choice here. With so many on screen at once, they all look the same (plus the "sample" water mark isn't helping). Try and reduce the options to maybe 5, but use different fonts. You can play around with weights and italic variations later.

Also, is that mannequin an image?
i aint sent the client the image like that its broken up into 4 different images, and the manikin is a photo of my manikin on my shelf but i have traced round it so i can resize it if needed, the client loves the idea of the manikin as a mascot for there new rebrand.

thanks alot for the imput tho paul :D
As above, I'd never send a client so many options; the way I see it, you should be making clear, informed choices for him/her to react to rather than trying to cover so many bases in what comes across as a shot-in-the-dark hope that one might stick. Hone it down to a set of well-chosen and clearly different styles rather than slight variations - you can always rethink when you get your feedback.
thanks for your comments :D the client was happy with one of them in the end and i have been working on it, ill get a sample up soon to see what you lot think :)

what you lot think ?
Ok this is just my opinion / likes & dislikes so don't take offense: to me it doesn't look like a "logo" it looks like an illustration sitting next to the beginning stages of a typography logo. I'm not convinced by the font, if they like it great but to me the italicised FIX doesn't work well next to a predominantly up&down, joined up (kinda) style before it. That green needs darkening up / shift change - but if it's "their green" not a lot you can do. Also your strapline - how's that going to look reduced even more for a business card say? and the light colour will make it even more illegible at small sizes.

Unless I am 100% asked for it by the client, I never, ever use shading / gradients etc. in logo elements. I actually think your mannequin would look a helluva lot better in a darker mid grey, mostly because the other colours are so in your face.

I know that all sounds really critical, just first impressions and all that :icon_cheers:
Tend to agree with Sam.

The mannequin and the type colours need to tie together - they don't at the moment.
Strapline when small won't be legible. Not keen on the typeface
On the DFX why do the FX join?
Presumably the other joining letters are part of the typeface...?

Design in black and white before you head off into colour - get it nailed in black!
i agree also kate, but those are the colours the client requested, i personally think they are awful colours i tried 2 change display into green but he was having none of it. the FX join cause the client wanted them to join. i have gave him a black/white version also but i doubt he will use it. i always work in shade b4 colour. the type face didnt join, i had to manipulate the type to make it join as that was what he wanted.

but thanks kate for your feedback